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Express yourself freely through our new rollerball collection.
With five colors and six fragrances to choose from, you can discover a new form of self expression through fragrance.

Introducing 'Follow The Line', a uniquely formulated drawable perfume. Infused with cosmetic-grade mica pigments this innovative creation allows you to combine visual art with scent. Designed to be long lasting both in the strength of the perfume, the design you draw also boasts impressive smudge resistance, enhancing its longevity significantly.

All perfumes by Ntrigue, including every iteration of 'Follow The Line', are crafted with the finest blend of natural and synthetically-derived perfume oils sourced globally. We maintain rigorous standards, consistently monitoring our formulations for IFRA compliance.

A mild separation within the bottle is a natural occurrence. We recommend shaking it well before use to ensure optimal pigment suspension and performance.

Experience the evolution of luxury fragrances.

Our Vision

To Her

Fleur de Coco - Nebula - Sensuelle

To Him

Silver Fields - l’Homme Éthéré - Radiant Resin

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