Our Vision

Ntrigue is a new fragrance house that was founded in 2021 with the unwavering goal of providing original and long-lasting luxurious fragrances using the highest quality ingredients available. As we grow and now expand our online presence, we look to push the boundaries of common trends within the world of perfumery and provide new and creative ways to experience fragrances. 

All of our products feature original fragrances designed, handcrafted, and blended in house by our own perfumer. All of our products are also proudly Made in the USA.


Goal to serve 

Our company was built streamlined to provide our customers with the highest quality perfume oils available from around the world, all while maintaining very accessible prices. We proudly use Oud Assafi™, Vanilla bean, Tonka bean, Jasmine, and various Rose oils as absolutes or essential oils to bring the most elegant and highest quality experience for our customers.
For customers who wish to have any of our products made without the use of alcohol and instead use an oil-based formulation, please email us at: contact@Ntrigue.us so we can better serve you. 


Use of both Natural and Synthetic Aroma Molecules

All of our fragrances use naturally derived absolutes and essential oils along with select synthetic aroma molecules. By using synthetic molecules, we are able to both responsibly and ethically source fragrance notes which would otherwise be either difficult to source or impossible to include in our fragrances.

In the history of perfumery, using at-risk plants and animal-derived oils was commonplace. Musk from Civets, Brazilian Rosewood and Indian Sandalwood are a few which are often replaced, opting to use synthetic reconstructions of these accords instead. By doing so, perfumers have ethically preserved these fragrance notes to provide customers the same olfactory experience. Another reason why nearly every major fragrance producer uses synthetic aroma chemicals is to maintain the intended fragrance profile across different batches and preserve the intended profile for years to come. Natural absolutes and essential oils will have different profiles due to the location and year they were grown because of different weather and soil conditions. This can have a dramatic effect on the resulting aroma from these absolutes and essential oils.

Utilizing these aroma molecules also ensures that we maintain proper IRFA (International Fragrance Association) regulations and compliance with every product that we sell. These strict guidelines, which are followed by every fragrance producer in Europe and most of the world, are in place to first and foremost protect consumers from companies using certain ingredients and also mitigate the risk of a possible allergic reaction. Different products are regulated differently by the IFRA depending on the application of the product.

Because we use a significant amount of naturally derived oils in each formulation, there are a number of IFRA-regulated compounds within each blend. We ensure that both the final product complies with all IFRA regulations and that each of our perfumes are labeled accordingly with the known allergens contained within these absolutes and essential oils. The IFRA regularly updates its list of regulated and restricted substances every year based on the latest research regarding many common perfumery ingredients. If/when one of our fragrances requires a reformulation due to new IFRA regulations, we will announce this information under the specific product page to identify the reformulation. Batch numbers are included on every bottle to identify the current formulation for each product. 
For more information on IFRA regulations, please visit their website at: